Last Updated: June 19th 2018
  • How do I connect to a WiFi hotspot from within the app?
    Image 21 If there is no network available, a red "Go Online" label will appear at the top. Tapping on it will bring you to another screen to choose WiFi hotspots.
    Image 0 Upon returning from successfully connecting to a WiFi hotspot, the red label turns into a green "Connected" label.
  • How do I go about creating a report?
    Image 0 Tap on boxes labeled "Microaggression" or "Microaffirmation".
    Image Report
    Send report using the upper rightmost icon. Leaving without sending will cause the report to be saved as a draft for later editing.
    Image Report
    The microaffirmation report asks the exact same questions except with slightly different wordings.
  • How do I set a location of the incident when creating a report?
    Image 25 Tap on the section below the map labeled "No Location Selected" to bring up an interactive map to select a location.
    Image 26 Choose one of the many preset marker locations or tap on the section below the map to bring up a list of locations.
    Image 27 Here you can choose a location by name.
    Image 28 For a user-defined location, scroll to the bottom and tap on "Other".
    Image 29 Upon tapping on "Other", you can enter any location name as your input.
    Image 44 If changing the "Campus" selection to any other than SFSU, you will be asked to manually input a location name.
  • How do I add an emotion that's not on the list?
    Image 30 Scroll to the bottom and tap on "Add another emotion (optional)".
    Image 31 Type in your emotion and set its intensity.
    Image 32 User-defined emotions are labeled in orange.
  • How do I view and edit existing reports?
    Image 0 Tap on "Log" at the bottom.
    Image 33 Microaggressions will be labeled red while microaffirmations are green. Reports that haven't been sent are labeled as drafts.
    Image 34 Tapping on a report from the list will bring up a card view where each card displays a brief description of the report with the option of editing it by tapping on "Edit".
  • The app is not letting me create or edit reports. How can I fix this?
    Image 22 You must be within campus to use the creating and editing features of the app.
    Image 23 You must have location services enabled for the app to determine your location.
    Image 24 Tapping on "Show Map" will show you where the app thinks you're located. You must be within the radius as shown on the map. If location toggle is off, tap on it to enable location services.
  • How do I view the introduction/tutorial once more?
    Image 0 Tap on "Did you forget what these are?".
    Image 39 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4 Image 5 Image 6 Image 7 Image 8 Image 9 Image 10
    Use left and right swipe motions to navigate.
  • What are notifications and where can I view them?
    Image 41 Notifications are used to send you a message while some such as the one above asks you to respond.
    Image 18 Previously received notifications can be viewed in the "More" tab.
    Image 42 Here's a list of notifications you had might've received.
    Image 43 Notifications may contain a followup message. To view this message, simply tap on the notification listed.
  • How do I access the "Post-Measure Survey"?
    Image 0 Tap on "More" at the bottom.
    Image 18 Tap on "Post-Measure Survey"
    Image 11 Tap on "Next" to begin survey.
    School Connectedness/Sense of Belonging
    College SME Self-Efficacy Scale
    Dignity Scale
    Sleep 1
    Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI) 1/4
    Sleep 2
    Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI) 2/4
    Sleep 3
    Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI) 3/4
    Sleep 4
    Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI) 4/4
    Image 40 Tap on "Done" to end survey.
  • How do I check if there is a newer version of the app?
    Image 35 Tap on "More" at the bottom. The green badge signifies there's already a newer version available.
    Image 36 Scroll down and tap on "Software Update". If there's a newer version, the app will attempt to download the latest.
    Image 37 Once download is complete, you will be prompted to tap on "Continue" to finish installing the latest version. The app will then restart.
  • How do I send feedback?
    Image 0 Tap on "More" at the bottom.
    Image 18 Scroll down and tap on "Send Feedback".
    Image 38 Type in your feedback and submit.
  • When creating reports, the map is not functional and I don't have access to the app store, how do I fix this?
    Image 25 If the map as shown above is not visible, it's most likely your device needs an update. Please install one of the following: 21+ (Newer Devices) or 14+ (Older Devices)